Great morning my friends… Happiness is found in your heart. It means in part; you make decisions based on what your heart is ‘thinking’. Heart-minded people ‘think’ in these terms: Happiness is doing what you love, with the people you love. Yes … A Simple Life …

Doing For Others

Great morning my friends… Living with a desire to do good will create more joy and meaning in your life. In other words, doing good things for others often results in the least expected returns… A Simple Life …


I believe most of us are familiar with the game: Monopoly. The rules state that if the player rolls the dice on doubles three times in a row, they go to ‘jail’. Another way to end up in jail is if you choose a ‘Chance Card’ that states ‘Go directly to jail’. Well, there is […]

The Coach’s Chronicles: Getting There

The getting there involves ‘the how’. It answers the question of how you want to get to where you’re going. I would like to think that we are always in transition – making forward progress or getting somewhere in life. Life is meant to be a continuous journey, not a destination. Getting there is comprised […]

Chronicles of Life

If only to chronicle our journey. How many of us make the effort to create this wonderful, beautiful experience? How many of us would share it? If we do it alone, we are in fact alone on the journey. Think about that. Now that I have written about my own chronicles for years, I feel […]

The Coach’s Chronicles: Good Choices

Life is, for the most part, filled with a series of choices. The choices we make in life affect us in many ways. They can affect us negatively or positively. They can be short or long-term. Making good choices is the understanding that choices must be made at the right time, with the right attitude, […]

The Coach’s Chronicles: Struggles

Struggles. Just the word creates a feeling of difficulties. Here is the key – we do not have to accept these struggles; we can face them head-on. To face these difficulties head-on, we must reflect upon them. After reflecting, what we come to realize is that it appears as though that life wants us to […]

The Coach’s Chronicles: Not Perfect

The key word here is in trying. We go through life experiencing many joys and happiness, but also events of sadness and sorrow. It’s all part of life. This is not to mention all the successes, and what about those failures? So, life is truly about our attempts to get it right, but never to […]

Life is fragile …

Never take your life for granted. Why? Because life is too short – it can be here one day, gone the next. It’s a focus upon your time that matters. Don’t spend another moment without appreciating it. Your time is precious and always appreciate all things around you. Learn to stay hungry for new adventures […]


It is true confidence that can make the difference between those who just imagine and those who act. Really examine that phrase. Those who only imagine may have the right thoughts and emotions, but they lack the necessary actions required to live a simple life. It is those that purposefully take the necessary actions towards […]