The Coach’s Chronicles

The Coach’s Chronicles – A Journey Through Life’s Trials and Triumphs

This book is about the trials and triumphs that we all experience each day – we just need to take the time and look for them, experience, and most importantly – learn from them.

The Coaches Chronicles - Gary Gasaway

What I have found is having a strong connection is only possible with mindful thoughts, combined with heart-felt emotions. Only then, can we begin to understand the emotional connection with each life experience.

When we can connect with people, we can discover who we are and why. Throughout this book, I refer often to emotional connections. Emotional connections provide more understanding, passion, and purpose for life’s events and situations.

The Coach’s Chronicles focuses on seven key areas…

  1.  Heart
  2.  Relationships
  3.  Attitude
  4.  Time
  5.  Growth
  6.  Life’s Lessons… and…
  7.  What You Think

I take you through a series of ‘The Coach’s Chronicles’ in these seven key areas to share each trial, tribulation, and triumph experienced each day, and taking the life lesson from each. Each Chronicle begins with an INTRODUCTION, or a foundation as to its origin and the thoughts for which have significance to the particular ‘Chronicles’ connection. Then directly after each Chronicle, there is an AFTERTHOUGHT, or reflecting summary behind the true meaning of the life lessons learned.

The journey will begin at the end, sharing the emotions experienced through friendships – the bonds established with people who have become and are like family.

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