Fresh Perspective

The Coach’s Chronicles are the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that we all experience each day – we just need to take the time and look for them, experience, and most importantly – learn from them. I share an important ‘coaching moment’ with you each week to bring about some light of inspiring experiences that I have had the opportunity to live-out.

The Coach’s Chronicles: Fresh Perspective

There are many people that have at least one fixed perspective regarding their life. People who see themselves as lacking confidence, for example, won’t even try to succeed. Is it because that is their true reality, or just a self-imposed barrier?

For most, it is only a self-imposed barrier that they have put before themselves. It’s what they think. What to do? Think differently and embrace a fresh perspective of high self-esteem; you will work harder, be passionate your self-confidence, and obsess much less about your self-image.


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