Getting Ready

The Coach’s Chronicles are the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that we all experience each day – we just need to take the time and look for them, experience, and most importantly – learn from them. I share an important ‘coaching moment’ with you each week to bring about some light of inspiring experiences that I have had the opportunity to live-out.

The Coach’s Chronicles: Getting Ready

You can’t take the next step forward in life by getting ready. The next step requires starting. Starting is produced by our actions. The fact is, many of us begin with good intentions by contemplating to do something that would improve our life but fail to follow-through with actions.

To be successful in anything you do, requires action. It is your actions that lead to results. Thoughts before doing something are necessary, but you can’t experience any results by just contemplating about it. Start by taking one small step forward and it could end up making a big difference in your life.

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