The Coach’s Chronicles are the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that we all experience each day – we just need to take the time and look for them, experience, and most importantly – learn from them. I share an important ‘coaching moment’ with you each week to bring about some light of inspiring experiences that I have had the opportunity to live-out.

The Coach’s Chronicles: Self-Energizing

Note the ‘self’ dictates the energizing. You must become the motivation that results in the level of intensity you want to express. The truth is – using this natural energy to strive for the things you want in life is completely under your power.

Understand that anything you alone initiate is directly under your command. The only problem consists of any self-imposed barriers you put in front of your advancement. Note again ‘self’ is in the way of your progress. Leave the barriers behind and use the gifts within of motivation, passion, and purpose in believing that you can have anything if you only exert yourself – now, that self-energizing!


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