From the draft of my next book … The Coach’s Chronicles III  – Everything Matters … coming in the fall of 2017


The Coach’s Chronicles: Shadow’s

The only shadow you should be following is your own – having faith in your own unique abilities to do what you want to accomplish in life. You will not find true fulfillment unless you do. The fact is, you cannot succeed or thrive in someone else’s shadow.

Your shadow follows you – only – taking chances on you and to endure any of the risks that might fail – but more importantly, the risks that will succeed. Be self-assured that your own shadow will lead you to life’s rewards.


Why it matters to your … hope & faith

This matters because you must be independent from all others – meaning you first ‘follow you’. Sure, there will be people in your life that will influence you along the way, but it is you alone that decides where you want to go and what you want to do with your life. It is that spark igniting within you – shinning on the inside that shows the shadow you should follow – your own.


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