Simply Content

The Coach’s Chronicles are the trials, tribulations, and triumphs that we all experience each day – we just need to take the time and look for them, experience, and most importantly – learn from them. I share an important ‘coaching moment’ with you each week to bring about some light of inspiring experiences that I have had the opportunity to live-out.

The Coach’s Chronicles: Simply Content

To learn to be content with whatever the circumstances may present to you today is living a simple life. Living a simple life is knowing what is needed and that you have plenty of all things you need to be happy. Being content is simply focused on today, not yesterday, not tomorrow – but just today because it is the only time that truly matters.

Being simply content is being able to live your life in your own way, doing only those things that you want to do, with the people who you choose, at the right time and place. Try to be simply content – for what you do simply today, has the potential to change your life tomorrow.

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