I believe most of us are familiar with the game: Monopoly. The rules state that if the player rolls the dice on doubles three times in a row, they go to ‘jail’. Another way to end up in jail is if you choose a ‘Chance Card’ that states ‘Go directly to jail’.

Well, there is yet another form of ‘going to jail’. And you ask – How is this? It is something we all have – our iPhone. Yes. Your phone can be another form of ‘jail. Why? It is because we make the choice to; like jail, to stay locked into our social media for long periods of time. So, what are we missing out on – life outside of ‘jail’. We all make choices. Life is a series of choices. Only you can choose to make these choices. Unlike real jail, we can make a choice not to be locked into our ‘social media jail’ and time we want to leave.

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