The Coach’s Chronicles II

The Coach’s Chronicles II – It’s Your Story! Start Writing It!

We all have stories to tell… whether fiction or nonfiction. The private stories stay with us, while the important ones, the fond memories and unique life experiences – the connections – we proudly share with those closest to us. The unfortunate drawback is once we are are gone, these stories – chronicles – are lost forever, never to be told. The Coach’s Chronicles II was created to help you keep your precious stories alive by writing them down in a book of our own!

The Coach's Chronicles II - Gary Gasaway

Write Your Own Story Your Way

It is entirely possible to write your own story you way – chronicles of your experiences and connections to life. Why not start with writing your life-changing experiences into your own individual chronicles to be shared with generations to come?

These unique stories are your individual connections to life’s experiences. Why not make them personal insights from your heart to paper in writing your own story so other can experience your journeys with you – now and forever?

We all want our lives to matter – to be of significance. From the moment you start writing Your Story, it will have a positive, lasting effect on you.

Don’t Be Shy – You Can Do This

I believe there are three groups of people as it relates to writing their own personal chronicles…

  1.  Those who have not given the idea much thought… and who should
  2.  Those who believe they have no time to write their story
  3.  Those who want to write but don’t know where or how to start

The Coach’s Chronicles II – It’s Your Story! Start Writing It! is my effort to influence and assist you in experiencing life’s connections to the fullest by writing your own individual chronicles.

The overall theme will consist of being ‘intentional’. Being intentional will be the key to unlocking the door to connections you have with yourself and the life you experience each day so you can effectively write about them

For most experiences, it will become natural for you to connect and you will also find the experience easy to write about.

For all other experiences, the connect may not come right away – meaning the total connection will need to surface through you being intentional about your thoughts and feelings. When you are intentional about something, you are making the choice to initiate it.

Don’t know where or how to start?… short on time?… think your story may be boring?… nothing ever happens in your life to write about?

Don’t allow your precious stories to fade away and never be told. No matter the circumstances, we all have both time and effort at our disposal. You have stories to be told… let’s do this together.

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