The Coach’s Chronicles III

The Coach’s Chronicles III – Everything Matters

In this third book of The Coach’s Chronicles, I explore the possibilities of living a life in which Everything Matters.

The Coach's Chronicles III - Everything Matters

Everything Matters

The concept and motivation behind this book came to me as I was editing my second book The Coaches Chronicles II – It’s Your Story! Start Writing it! As I was reviewing the draft of the book, I came upon a chronicle that I had recently written that was titled “Everything Matters”. I began to think about how true it is that all we say and do really does matter.

Simply defined; Everything Matters is an attitude and a profound connection to all things in life.

The unfortunate fact about this way of life is that most people don’t truly realize or understand the impact it has on their life’s journey.

With a focus of Everything Matters, you will look at your life with a different set of eyes in appreciation of ‘everything’ around you. With every moment spent pausing and reflecting on experiencing the wonderful feeling you have within.

A full life is one that experiences all things as they unfold, then pausing and reflecting on each event to ‘experience the experience’. For life is a series of events, some more important than others, but an event just the same – Everything Matters.

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