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Conflict is a daily part of our environment and can be resolved. The key is it must be first acknowledged. Once acknowledged, the road to resolving it starts. We all have the opportunity to manage our daily internal conflict in regards to making individual decisions about life’s situations.

Through my conflict coaching, I partner with YOU to help guide you through conflictive situations that life brings you. My coaching is focused to provide YOU with the necessary tools to a more positive, successful, and happier life.

My personal one-on-one sessions with Gary have been tremendously favorable. Our discussions focus on getting me to be my best me, and how I can articulate that in an interview, or in a presentation; or more importantly, in my everyday interactions with others. He reminds me that people are buying me, and how important it is to be honest in my approach. As my personal Coach for the last 10 years, Gary has always been consistent. He’s always been full of energy, full of information, and full of positivity. It’s been this steadfast approach that has made him fresh in his ability to teach and in his ability to bring others along with him. He has inspired me and has given me the motivation and the ability to inspire others to become better people.
Christopher S., Los Angeles, California

There are individual decisions that must be made to move forward in life. Sometimes we are ‘stuck’ or have barriers that stop us from taking steps forward to success. It could be your career, a relationship, an important purchase, education, etc. Whatever the case, I can help YOU to the right solutions.

I would like to say this is my good friend Gary Gasaway and he has played a big part in helping me more forward in life. He’s a great coach and I thank God I was introduced to him by my Pastor buddy John. God brought us together and there couldn’t be any better solution to dealing with my issues. Doesn’t mean my problems went away they are just not ruling my daily walk. Thank you Gary. Come and see for yourself, please! — With Gary Gasaway. “Thank you Gary for guiding me and I’m blessed to have been introduced to you. I’m glad to have grown and as I still struggle I’m confident my family will benefit also. It’s never too late to grow up.”
Ambrose Sinsun, Oxnard, California

One of the most common individual decisions involves your career. There will always be a demand for career coaches. Career coaching is one of my loves’ and passions. It is my main focus to see YOU be the best you can be and truly live up to your fullest potential in life.

Why a career coach?

Many times during career transitions, you can be overwhelmed and unable to solve your problems on your own. This of course causes unwanted individual conflict that needs attention. Thus, you need an outside party to provide you with perspective; accountability, a plan, and the ability to take that plan and break it into bite sized manageable pieces. Plus, you need someone who can help you keep going when you lose momentum or want to stop. You may also need specialized knowledge about how the job market works, how to assess your own strengths and challenges as it relate to your career, and how to point yourself in a career direction that provides the best payoff in regards to both money and fulfillment.

As we know, life isn’t perfect and we face conflict every day, some areas can be harder to deal with than others. When workplace conflicts began to interfere with my home life in a negative way, I turned to Coach Gary of Conflict Coaching Solutions for assistance. Through his techniques, I was able to learn different coping skills and ways to think more positively in different situations. Gary helped me realized that there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. By focusing on the positive, I was able to resolve some of my conflict issues that interfered with my career which helped me have a more fulfilling life at work and at home. No matter what type of conflict you are dealing with, these techniques can help you get through it all!
J.B., Valencia, California

There are key steps that we take together to identify the best solutions for your unwanted conflict. For a free (15) minute session, please email or call me to see if my coaching is right for you.

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