The Coach’s Chronicles: Struggles

Struggles. Just the word creates a feeling of difficulties. Here is the key – we do not have to accept these struggles; we can face them head-on. To face these difficulties head-on, we must reflect upon them. After reflecting, what we come to realize is that it appears as though that life wants us to be strong, but no one can become strong without struggles regarding adversity, resistance, and day-to-day problems.

So, what we discover is that it is these struggles we all experience, are those that truly make us strong and promotes personal growth. If that is indeed true, it is also true that in the process of overcoming these struggles, we can still achieve happiness of living a simple life. In addition, as we gain strength from these difficult experiences, it is also an opportunity to learn from them. With these encouraging efforts, we learn thereby how, despite the struggles, life can be less complicated and more about a joyous and genuinely exciting adventure.

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